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Roseann Bennett is an experienced marriage and family therapist with a diverse background in assessment and therapy. She has over 10 years of experience working with individuals off all walks of life, helping them through life’s many challenges.

After working as an in-home therapist for several years in New Jersey, Roseann set out to establish Center for Assessment and Treatment. Center for Assessment and Treatment, is a 501 c(3) charitable organization, that is devoted to treating and advocating for individuals and families of all backgrounds, especially those who are are disenfranchised or marginalized by the community. After opening its doors in 2010, the agency has helped hundreds of people through life's struggles, both internal and external, within their control and exceeding it, horrific and commonplace.

As the Executive Director of Center for Assessment and Treatment, Roseann Bennett is responsible for the overall leadership, direction and coordination of agency programs and activities. Roseann plays an instrumental role in the development of programs relevant to the various populations served, prepares agency budgets, and maintains an adequate system for proper accounting of funds. She also directs, supervises, and evaluates all agency employees, creates staff development programs, provides opportunity for student training, and has supervised MFT and LAC interns working towards licensure. Furthermore, Roseann Bennett still maintains her own clinical caseload at the organization. Afterall, her true passion lies in connecting with people and helping individuals realize that change is possible.

Her work with Center for Assessment and Treatment is extremely rewarding, however, it is also incredibly demanding of both her time and energy. These professional demands were further magnified following the birth of her first child. Roseann began to understand the pressures and challenges that working mother’s face while attempting to balance their commitments at work with their increasing demands at home.

Roseann Bennett is first to admit that it has been a struggle to find balance between her work as a therapist and her life at home as a wife and mother. Roseann has felt as though she has always needed to sacrifice something -- whether it be sleep, personal time, or self care. The struggle between the “I need or I want” and the “I should” has been unbearable at times. Whenever she took time for herself, Roseann felt overwhelming guilt.

Fortunately, over the years, Roseann Bennett has slowly been able to learn how to balance all the demands in her life. For Roseann, this required placing a priority on her own mental wellbeing, first and foremost. She realized that when she took care of herself, everything else in her life began to fall into place much easier.

At least weekly, Roseann meets with family and friends. On Sundays, she cooks. It’s one of her favorite hobbies and she has found it to be a very relaxing activity. When Roseann is cooking, she is at peace in her own world. Roseann has started reading recreationally, which she credits with keeping her grounded. Furthermore, Roseann she begun using a planner to help organize her schedule and prioritize her to-do-list. She has also found the act of crossing off completed tasks to be extremely satisfying. Lastly, she is looking forward to taking a class in mindfulness-- and becoming certified in it -- this coming Fall. As Roseann contends, life moves too fast and it is important to focus on what makes us present. The goal is to live more in the moment.

Roseann Bennett is excited to share her personal experiences from this ongoing journey so that other mothers, or those who are expecting a child in the near future, may find balance in their own life. She hopes that by sharing her story, women will have the tools necessary to excel and be successful as both a professional and, most imporatantly, a mother.



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