The Top Issues for Women in the Workplace

Women face many challenges when entering and thriving in the workplaces. Whether it be issues surrounding pay equality, having a child or general respect, women are faced with many hurdles when navigating their career. Here are only a few of the biggest problems women have to deal with when in the workplace.


Children & Career

One of the biggest societal pressures women are confronted with is having to “chose” between having children or a career. Many feel that women can have a strong work-life balance of having children and a career but it is quite a tough task to accomplish without a strong support system. Fast Company reported on a research that asked over 9,000 women questions about workplace issues. When inquiring about children and their careers, almost half of the women polled stated that they believe having a child would stand in the way of building their career.

These answers also differ from location to location. Women and Brazil feel much more secure having children and balancing a career with their 4 to 6 month maternity leave paired with a guaranteed return to their position with optional part-time hours. The United States ranked in the middle when questioned if they felt women can balance a family without damaging their career with 27% saying they disagreed.


Getting in the Door

Of the same survey the Fast Company reported on, 47% of the women also believed that men in the U.S. have stronger access to career growth opportunities than they do. This can range from a man getting a job over them, a man getting a promotion over them, or even finding that it is tougher for a woman to start a business. Many women believe that there are opportunities that are more catered to men.

Many identify the bias extremely in the tech industry. As well, in well-known American university's, gender biases were found to be extreme in research laboratories. This can even be translated to reviewing resumes. Male names tend to get more offers with better pay.


Gender Wage Gap

In a lifetime of work, a woman with a bachelor’s degree will gather a third less than a man who has the same degree, the WAGE (Women Are Getting Even) Project found. The issue even continues when women attempt to move up the ladder in their business because they will always be behind in the pay gap. Once they enter at a lower wage, they will never become equal with their male counterparts. Female Harvard graduates earn 30% less than their male counterparts.