How to Actually Support Women in the Workplace


The struggle for equality for women in the workplace has, and is continuing to be a journey. Tangible issues like equal pay and intangible problems like workplace respect towards women are still problematic in today’s society. There are direct ways to support women in an organic way within a workplace.


1. Set Goals

In a company, you can support and encourage women by setting internal diversity goals. Big companies like GE and Accenture, have publicly set goals to hire a specific amount of women within a certain timeline. For example, in GE’s target goal, they committed to hiring 20,000 women in STEM by 2020.


2. Transparency

This can be an uncomfortable step for businesses. Making public comments or commitments to gender equality, such as reporting the current diversity statistics, can be an uncomfortable move. Most companies are fearful and hesitant to release diversity numbers including men versus women in their employee ranks. Yet for the companies that are transparent and serious about fixing their diversity issues, it is an essential step.


3. Different Experiences

There has also been research conducted to show that men and women have different experiences in the workplace. Fairygodboss attributes this to the reason as to why men and women have different experiences to their motive to getting the job. The root of their varying experiences comes down to external factors and societal standards. Also, workplace discrimination and unconscious bias also makes experiences much more difficult for women.


4. Answer: Hire More Women

When it comes down to it, hiring women is not only they morally correct thing to do, it is also a smart business move. Employers should also recognize that genders should be recruited differently. Not acknowledging gender imbalances or blaming it on a supply/demand problem risks being dismissive to the problem of gender equality entirely.


5. Never Stop the Dialogue

Some may take the issue of gender inequality discussion as “just talk” from businesses. Yet, not addressing your company’s diversity status could be perceived as not caring about it. Concrete programs and policies are an amazing way to actually show initiative in address gender inequality.