Balancing Work as a Mother

A mother has one of the hardest jobs because she must balance raising a young child while managing their own personal career. As a mom, you must have the skill set to balance your home and work life without drowning in stress. You can become so involved with your daily routine that you do not even feel that you can manage everything - but you can. There are a few key tips to finding the time to be a good employee and an even better mom.


Let Go of Guilt

You are not doing anything wrong by having children. Never feel guilty from your complicated schedule or the multiple times you showed up a few minutes late because it is inevitable to happen. A mother has to always be doing her best and there is no reason to feel guilt when you are spreading yourself so thin. Others will understand how intense your schedule is.


Find Support

A mom can not do it on her own. Mothers have to find a support system whether it be a partner, family, or a childcare provider, a woman who is balancing work and home needs to have support. It will feel as though you are abandoning your duties as a mother to work but you are still providing for your children.


Schedule and Organize

Your life will be hectic but how you organize your hectic life will make or break your sanity. Planning ahead and utilizing time hacks will make your days be packed but efficient. Also, a physical and visual representation of your schedule will allow you to see how much time you are putting into work and the time you are putting into motherhood.


Communicate with your Employer

If you have a busy and complicated schedule, do not ever hesitate to communicate that to those who will be affected. An employer should be respectful of any mother and if they are not then it may be a reason to find a new job. Of course, there will be instances where you have to sacrifice mom-time for work but a good relationship with your employer will allow you to be more relaxed.



Find other mothers who are in the same in the same situation as you. A community of other like-minded individuals will be able to give you great advice and support from people who understand. This will give you not only a piece of mind but the idea that you are not alone in managing life as a hard-working mother.